Scottsdale restaurant offers 'Epic Cristal Dinner' for 35k

At Bourbon and Bones in Old Town Scottsdale, the menu is filled with what you'd expect at a higher-end steakhouse, but there is one eye-catching menu item -- the price tag, $35,000!

"It is shock... what is this... who is going to order this?" Bourbon and Bones Waiter Tony Ishak said.

The waiters get asked about the "Epic Cristal Dinner" every night.

"Even tonight, just now, I had a table right behind us and three people just asked about it," Ishak said.

The meal is the creation of Executive Chef Issac Carter.

"We want to do something that is truly unique, but at the same time has some fun to it," he said.

The six-course meal includes some of the restaurant's best dishes.

"We only use the best ingredients," Chef Carter said. "Our 90-day dry-aged tomahawks to our box-cut sirloins... even our bacon is considered the best in the United States."

Nothing is off limits and the meal is tailored to the customer's desires.

"All over the world... if they want it, we will make it happen," Chef Carter said.

Dinner for up to 12 is served in the restaurant's private dining room. The main event of the meal is a stunning bottle of Cristal champagne.

"Exceedingly rare, extremely hard to find," Eric Beer said. "As far as I know, we are one of the only places in Arizona that has one of these bottles."

Eric Beer is the wine director at Bourbon and Bones and says there are maybe only 25 bottles of this champagne in the U.S. and a few hundred around the world.

"I have been doing this for 25 years, this is the first time that I have literally and physically been able to touch one of these bottles," he said. "It is almost like the golden fleece of champagne."

The champagne itself is one of the highest-rated ever and the bottle was handcrafted by Goldsmith's in France.

"They wanted to give the impression that the actual gold was a necklace sitting on the next of the bottle," Beer said.

The champagne stays locked in a temperature-controlled win cooler. If you want to buy this bottle alone, it could cost you as much as $20,000.

So who would pay $35,000 for this dinner? Apparently, no one yet. The restaurant has been open for just over a month and while the high-dollar price tag has received plenty of attention, so far no bookings for the "Epic Cristal Dinner" have been made.

"If you were to go for this dinner, chef and myself are going to literally put together a work of art for you to your liking," Beer said.

As we head into tourist high season and with spring training just a few months away, the staff here is optimistic that they'll be cracking open one of these soon.