Scottsdale woman creates support community for mothers struggling during COVID-19

Listen, learn, ask questions - this is now the way new mothers are connections and finding support virtually.

Julie Fields, who goes by Jules the Doula, works in Scottsdale and specializes in providing guidance and support to women before and after labor. 

"The 'Virtual Mama Connection began during COVID when some of my moms were struggling at home, coming home with a beautiful brand new baby, and really not being able to share that experience with members of the family," explained Fields.

She knew help could be one Zoom call away and created the Virtual Mama Connection.

"I started just one day a week where we would invite a care provider - OBs, certified nurses, midwives, therapists, PTs, OTs, educators - come on Tuesdays and they present something that they are ... educating our familes, our mothers with," she said.

Now, sessions are five days a week.

"I believe this is so crucial for so many mamas and families," Julie said. "There's amazing support in educational topics. There's also a weekly group circle with a licensed social worker where we can explore some of the harder topics that may be more sensitive or emotional."

Each day has a different topic planned. On Mondays, the group talks to a therapist. Tuesdays, a guest speaker. Wednesdays, moms discuss the fourth trimester - what happens after birth. Friday, the group discusses lactation.

The moms are connecting so they don't feel isolated," Fields said. "It's kind of like we are throwing a lifeline out there."

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