Search for suspect behind theft of baby French Bulldog from Arrowhead Mall pet store

Investigators have released surveillance images from the scene of a French Bulldog theft at an Arrowhead Mall pet store, as Glendale Police continues its investigation on the incident.

The dogs are typically sold for around $5,000 to $6,000, and the the suspect was reportedly in rooms at a pet store, pretending to buy the dog when he took that puppy, and ran out.

"I wouldn't say that the mall is unsafe. That kind of stuff happens everywhere," said a woman at the store on Thursday.

"It's pretty busy in here, they kind of slipped through until they could get enough of a way, and they ran full speed out the door," said Andy Porter, who owns the pet store.

Glendale Police a getaway car was outside, waiting for the suspect.

"We followed them and got the license plate number of the getaway car, but I believe before they came here, they went to another parking lot in the mall here, and stolen a license plate off of that car, so the license plate we got was pretty much worthless," said Porter.

The puppy is microchipped, and requires medication. The suspect, meanwhile, is described as a Hispanic man around 19 years our, and 5'6" tall.

"It's upsetting," said Porter. "They come in and steal a puppy, and they are bold enough to do it in broad daylight, and then you try to prevent it, but it's difficult."

Anyone with information should call Glendale Police.