Sister of victim in deadly Tempe shooting and crash speaks out

TEMPE, Ariz. (FOX 10) -- There are new details on a deadly crash in Tempe a week ago that turned into shooting investigation.

The suspect is behind bars, but the family is now dealing with their loved one's death.

"I really just want justice for my brother," said the sister of the man who was killed after a fiery car crash and shooting. While the family spoke out, they wanted to remain anonymous until police released the victim's name.

Meanwhile, 20-year-old Brendan Taveras turned himself in to police, and has been booked on murder charges. Witnesses told police they heard multiple gunshots, and police say surveillance video shows the victim and Taveras driving side by side when shots were fired at the victim.

"He was shot, we're not sure why or who the people were exactly, but a lot of police have said that my brother didn't show enough aggression for someone to take his life," said the victim's sister. she went on to say that her brother was on his way to pick her up when all of this happened. She knew something was wrong as the hours ticked by.

"We started checking with local police stations, hospitals, anything just to get anything," said the victim's sister. "My mom ended up checking the news, and she saw there was a crash."

Taveras told officers he acted in self-defense, and it was a matter of life and death, but the victim's sister says it wouldn't be like her brother to be the aggressor.

"He always was there for his sisters, my mom and my dad, he would randomly go and visit and let us know he loved us," said the victim's sister.