Ski shops seeing a surge of business thanks to winter storms

The ski and snowboard season is well underway up north. As snow continues to fall, ski shops are trying to keep up with the demand.

"More snowfall means more business, more people wanting to get on the snow," said Steven Andrews, the manager of Ski Pro.

Winter storms steadily dropping several inches of snow up north over the last several days. Many of those inches falling on Arizona Snowbowl in Flagstaff.

With freezing temps for the area in the forecast, most of that snow will be sticking around. 

"As the continuous storms have shown up, it's bee nonstop from 9:40 in the morning before we even open, all the way up until holiday hours which we had until 10 p.m. We've had customers in here until 10:30 at night," Andrews said.

Many people come in to get their gear before heading up.

As of right now, the shop is almost completely sold out for rentals.

"We have very limited sizes as far as it goes. That's all the way up until the 3rd of January. That's because of how many people are going to Snowbowl, Sunrise or even out of town to Colorado," Andrews said.

If you can't rent, there's still plenty of supplies to buy.