Execution set for sole Native American on federal death row

Despite the grisly nature of the killings, tribal officials and even the victims’ family opposed the death penalty. Native American tribes for decades have been able to tell federal prosecutors if they want a death sentence considered for certain crimes on their land. Nearly all, including the Navajo Nation, have rejected that option.

Northern Arizona forests set to tighten fire restrictions amid wildfires

The Coconino and Kaibab national forests will implement restrictions June 13 that include the campfire ban but also limit where visitors can smoke and the use of internal combustion power tools like chainsaws. The move is in line with what’s already in place across much of Arizona.

Man charged in Mennonite woman's death grew up in the faith

A U.S. Air Force airman stationed near Phoenix has pleaded not guilty to murder and other charges. Raised in a Mennonite family in Wisconsin, Mark Gooch joined the military to escape what he told investigators was a difficult, sheltered and restricted life, according to sheriff's records.