Kelly Paduchowski: Remains of missing Arizona woman found

Flagstaff Police officials have released a sad update on the search for a woman who was last seen in June.

According to a statement, the remains of Kelly Paduchowski were found at around 10:00 a.m. on July 5.

"Recovery efforts are active, and due to the investigative efforts in progress, the location of the discovery will not be disclosed at this time," read a portion of the statement.

Paduchowski, 45, was reported missing just after 7:30 p.m. on June 30. She never came back home after reportedly going out for a jog and swim. Investigators interviewed family members and witnesses, as well as processed evidence. This resulted in the arrest of Kelly’s husband, Daniel Paduchowski, a 58-year-old who was accused of aggravated assault prior to this latest development.

According to officials, Daniel played a role in the discovery of Kelly's remains.

Photos obtained by FOX 10 shows Paduchowski standing with police officers near the area at Kaspar Drive and State Route 89 just before noon.

He is expected to serve a 16-year sentence.

"Defendant provided us with information that led us to body, phone, car keys and the murder weapon," said Coconino County Sheriff's Office Senior Attorney Michael Tunink. "We reached an agreement in which the defendant Daniel Paduchowski pleaded guilty to 2nd degree murder tampering of evidence concealing a dead body and possession of drugs."