Smart kids compete at STEM fair held in the Valley

PHOENIX (FOX 10) -- Some of the smartest kids in the world are in the Valley, with all of them on the road to compete for up to $5 million of awards, at the 2019 Intel International Science and Engineering Fair.

More than 1,800 young scientists and engineers are showcasing their best STEM skills at the fair, which is considered the largest pre-collegiate STEM competition in the world. The fair took place at the Phoenix Convention Center.

"My project involves the creation of a self-flying drone to fly through all sorts of environments," said finalist Parthiv Krishna,

"So, the competition is extremely tough," said Maya Amjera. "They have had to compete at their local science fair, and then, they can get to one of our affiliated 400 plus fairs in the world to get here."

From engineering and physics to plant science, these young finalists get to compete in a variety of categories. Some of them are hoping to make a difference in their society.

"My initial motivation was first responders," said Krishna. "Having the agility of the drone would be really helpful in navigating dangerous environments.

"For us and the world, we are in good hands with these young people because they are incredibly bright, passionate, ambitious, and they have a very strong sense of responsibility of making sure that we live in a safe and sustainable world," said Amjera.

Finalist also said this competition is about having fun.

"So, it's just really exciting to actually to meet other people that care about what kids are doing in science, and also to meet other kids that are excited and what they do," said Amjera.