Some are marrying themselves as an act of self love

There's a new wedding trend gaining popularity, and it's called Sologamy.

All you need for this "wedding" is yourself, as some opt out of a traditional marriage, and opt into a nuptial with themselves.

"People are starting to realize that we don't need someone to complete us, that we don't need someone to make us happy," said Life Coach EJ Love.

Love married herself in 2016, on a beach in Australia.

"After leaving an abusive relationship the previous year, I've done so much healing by myself that I wanted to celebrate that," said Love, who wore a bright dress, walked down the isle, and said her vows to herself in the mirror.

"So looking at myself vowing to commit to loving myself, to being there for myself, to showing up for myself, in all of the different ways that I needed to do that," said Love.

Sologomy is a commitment of self-love.

"Realizing that hey maybe I don't actually don't need to be in a relationship to make myself happy," said Love. "Sure. That would be nice, I might like that, I might want that one day, but I don't need it. When we feel we need someone to complete us, that's when we end up in an unhealthy toxic relationship because we're not feeling loved or happy enough with ourselves first."

Love is now a life coach, and holds ceremonys for others looking to marry themselves. She even held a ceremony in Phoenix a year ago for about 50 people.

"Beautiful ceremony," said Love. "There were people that were crying and people feeling joy and happiness, and we had a bit of a dance afterwards like a normal wedding. We played some music and celebrated. The most common response I get from people is it feels like it shifts the way they feel about themselves."

Love says people choose how they want their ceremony. Some go all out like a traditional wedding and some keep it small. She also says just because you marry yourself, doesn't mean you can never be in a relationship.

"It won't come from a place of I need that person," said Love. "It's sure I love myself, I'm happy with myself and I want to share my life with another person, but I'm not attached to needing them to make me happy."

While some may not be on board with the idea, there are some upsides. You don't have to sign a prenup, your parents will in most cases approve, and you don't have to worry about where you'll spend the holidays.

"I don't know, I think it's kind of interesting," said one person. "I just don't know what the benefit is for that, compared to anything else."

"I would hate to live with myself," said another person. "I have too many flaws. I'd have to tell myself, self, straighten out."

Both men and women are taking part in this trend, and while it may be fun for some people, Sologamy is not recognized as a legally binding union.