Some prefer to work outside during summer in Arizona, here's why

If you’re lucky, you work inside an air-conditioned building, but plenty of people work out in the heat all summer long.

Construction, landscaping, delivery, and so on. As you might imagine, it’s no picnic working outside in the summer.

In some cases, some say working outside is actually better than inside.


Summer is the busy season in the air conditioning field. Calls and clients are constantly coming in.

It's a time to cash in, but you’ve got to pay a price.

"Summer months are brutal," said Alex Fletcher of Big Al’s Cooling & Heating.

But, this isn’t his first rodeo. He knows what to wear, when to take a break, and how to stay hydrated.

Give him a hot roof over a steaming attic any day.

"The hottest I’ve ever been in was last summer and the old-style ranch home, and it was bad. It was 159. It was. It was so hot that I could touch the wood through my gloves and I could feel the heat," he said.

Mobile car detailing

Keeping your car clean in the summer can be hot and hard work.

That’s why MOB Detail will come to your house to do it for you. They're fully equipped and dressed for the occasion.

They’ll take the sun over the stagnant air anytime.

"The thing about the garage is, there’s no air either, so they have already left with the keys, so we’re just stuck in the garage," Jacob Gulley with Mob Detail said.

Hunter Poe, also with MOB Detail, says they know exactly how to stay safe.

"I stay hydrated. I have my cooling towel on my neck all the time … nice big hats with the neck getting covered," Poe said.

Staying cool

Of course, there are cooler jobs – like at Sweet Republic.

They have three shops in the Valley. The air conditioner is set low, and the music is cranked high.

Plus, they get to play with ice cream all day.

"I think the best part of the job is coming in from from the heat. First of all, it’s nice and cold inside all the time and getting to play with the ice cream …," Helen Yung with Sweet Republic said.

The outdoor workers say they do kind of get used to it, as much as anyone can.

They say it takes mental preparation knowing they’ll be working in the heat for the next several months.