Baby shower attendees kill man after fender bender, Dallas police say

A road rage incident in Southeast Dallas led to a shooting that killed a 33-year-old and injured a 12-year-old earlier this month.         

Six people, including two minors, have now been charged with murder.

Police say the victims were involved in a fender bender on May 19. They say the suspects then cut them off, trapped them and then fired shots at the truck.

The deadly shooting took place in the middle of the street in the daylight just outside a home where a baby shower was taking place. 

Investigators used surveillance video from neighbors to identify the suspects. 

Crime scene tape near C F Hawn Freeway and Elam Road marks the spot where police say a group attending a baby shower opened fire on a vehicle passing by, killing 33-year-old Jose Granados-Cerritos and injuring a 12-year-old. 


Jose Granados-Cerritos

A short clip of surveillance video from a neighbor shows the moments before the shooting. 

A father and his young son were playing in the front yard when multiple people from the house next door walked into the street. Video appears to show one holding a black handgun. 


On Wednesday, police announced four adults were charged with murder. 

Two juveniles are also facing murder. The 14-year-old and 16-year-old will not be identified due to their age. 

26-year-old Alexis Rosales was also arrested for a probation violation. 


According to an arrest warrant affidavit FOX 4 obtained Friday, the shooting stemmed from a road rage incident nearby.

Multiple women told police they were at a baby shower when they ran to a nearby corner store in their blue Toyota. On the way back to the shower, the women say a white truck carrying Granados-Cerritos and the 12-year-old hit them from behind. 

Police believe the women called the suspects at the shower and then cut off the pickup, "forcing the white truck down Jonelle Avenue into the direction of the home hosting the shower."

Investigators say they obtained multiple surveillance videos showing the suspects grabbing guns and firing at the truck as it passed them. 

Granados-Cerritos’ white truck was riddled with bullets. His family says the suspects shot the truck from both sides of the street. 


The 12-year-old in the backseat was rushed to the hospital and survived. 

Granados-Cerritos died at the scene.

An unnamed adult male was driving, and another juvenile was in the backseat. Neither of them were injured. 

After the shooting, the suspects were seen getting into their vehicles and taking off. However, detectives used nearby Flock cameras to capture their license plates. 

Police also used photos from the baby shower to match the suspects' descriptions in the surveillance videos. 

Police were able to identify 18-year-old Guillermo Alvarez and 19-year-old Kimberly Mejia as two of the suspects using handguns to shoot at the truck. 

Investigators say 18-year-old John Marquez was seen on video "shooting a long gun, likely an assault rifle."

The victim’s family told FOX 4 the 12-year-old who was shot is out of the hospital.