Spectacular ‘ring of fire’ solar eclipse will occur June 21, visible in some parts of the world

In just a few days, sky-watchers in parts of the world will have a chance to witness a rare “ring of fire” solar eclipse.

According to Travel & Leisure, this will be the best “ring of fire” solar eclipse of the decade.

The eclipse will occur on Sunday, June 21, 2020, just one day after the summer solstice. A summer solstice is the longest day of year, when Earth's tilt toward the sun is at its maximum. 

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The eclipse will take a narrow path across Africa and Asia, and will be visible across Africa, Ethiopia, Pakistan, India, China, and Taiwan. Sky-gazers in viewing areas will be able to see a fiery ring around the sun for up to one minute.

A “ring of fire” annular solar eclipse occurs when the moon covers the sun’s center, leaving the sun’s outer edges exposed to form a circle, or “ring of fire.” Solar eclipse glasses should be warn to avoid the threat of blindness.

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Now, what about the North America? Unfortunately, those in the Americas will not able to see this eclipse.On June 10, 2021, a “ring of fire” eclipse will be visible from northern Ontario and northern Quebec. That eclipse will also be visible from Greenland, the North Pole, and northeastern Russia.

Travel & Leisure contributed to this report.