SRP gives update on snowpack conditions in Arizona

PHOENIX (FOX 10) -- It's only January, but Arizona has already seen some pretty decent snowfall this season.

The question is, how does it stack up to other years?

Crews with SRP were out in the White Mountains on Tuesday, measuring the state's snowpack. The company expected normal snow conditions, but is that still the case?

"We did find normal conditions up in the White Mountains," said SRP Scientist James Walter, who said we are falling right near average when it comes to snowpack.

"About the 7,000 foot elevation, we have about 12 inches of snow, so about a foot deep," said Walter. "if we melted that snow, it would equal about three inches of water."

From about 8,000 feet and above, Walter says there is about two feet of snow, converting to about five to six inches of water.

"The snowpack is very important in recharging the groundwater and the springs that feed the rivers that transport the water to the reservoirs," said Walter.

During the summer months in Arizona, it is difficult to store water that falls as rain, because of evaporation.