St. Mary's Food Bank, Phoenix Rescue Mission in need of turkeys

It's that time of year again... time to talk turkey!

Organizations all across the Valley are seeking your help to put more birds in more bellies this Thanksgiving, but time is running out!

"We need your help, we're about 5,000 turkeys shy and by this time next week, we'll be distributing those turkeys to about 12,000 families in the three days leading up to Thanksgiving," Jerry Brown said.

St. Mary's Food Bank is in need of a few thousand turkeys, but they're not the only ones. Just across town, Phoenix Rescue Mission is also looking for more birds.

Expected to feed thousands, Phoenix Rescue Mission says they just want families to forget about their financial situation for one night, and enjoy the holiday.

"The box has everything they need to make a Thanksgiving dinner, so it's a little different than your average food box, and a lot of our families that we serve have really, really big families, so a turkey goes a long way," Nicole Pena said.

Even though right now bird is the word, Nicole says they hope their help can extend beyond the Thanksgiving table.

"I think what is also kind of interesting is then we talk to these families, 'Why are you here? Why are you in line for this?'" she said. "And we can really see what their needs are and really direct them to the right resource."