St. Mary's Food Bank provides holiday meals to Valley residents in need

St. Mary's Food Bank is providing holiday meals to those in need around the Valley.

"I came down because I was a little short for a meal for Christmas, so I was like if anyone can help, it's St. Mary's," said Tina Davis. "It just means everything because family is important to me, I've got my son, my grandson my niece and my nephew, they just know when they come to my house it's to eat."

Just as quickly as someone came into St. Mary's to get a food box, they were checked in and then helped out by a volunteer with everything they need for a great Christmas meal, including a few special extras. 

"You realize what the spirit of the season is about, yes we're all out shopping and getting the best gift, but for some people, the best gift is just family and food," said Jerry Brown with St. Mary's Food Bank. "We've served nearly 900 families, that's about 20 to 25 percent more yesterday than we normally do. We had more than one hundred people waiting at the door this morning."

They are making the holidays brighter one meal at a time. 

The food bank will be closed on Christmas but reopen on December 26.