State lawmaker David Cook arrested by DPS for Extreme DUI

PHOENIX (FOX 10) -- A state lawmaker has been arrested and accused of Extreme DUI late Wednesday night, according to DPS documents.

The suspect is identified in DPS documents as 50-year-old David Lee Cook. According to the Arizona State Legislature's website, Cook is a Republican lawmaker who represents District 8, a district that covers portions of Pinal and Gila Counties, including a Coolidge, Florence, Sacaton, and Globe, which is listed as Cook's hometown. Cook is also listed as a member of the State House's Public Safety committee.

The incident, according to documents, started at around 11:22 p.m. Wednesday, when a DPS trooper saw Cooks pickup truck driving out of its lane along a portion of Loop 202, near Milepost 17. When the trooper stopped Cook, the trooper detected a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage emanating from the car, and also observed that Cook had bloodshot and watery eyes.

When asked to provide his driver's license, car registration, and proof of insurance, Cook, according to the documents, handed the trooper his House of Representatives identification card instead of his driver's license. Cook also refused to follow the trooper's instruction to step out of the car, and also told the trooper "Do you know what you're doing son? You're making a mistake."

Cook, according to the documents, eventually got out of his truck, and performed field sobriety tests. He was eventually arrested at around 12:20 a.m. Thursday. When he was taken to a DPS station, Cook, when told by a trooper to watch his head as he stood up to exit a patrol vehicle, he said the words "I'm fine, don't worry. You'll get yours."

Results from a breathalyzer test, according to the documents, show Cook had a Blood Alcohol Content of 0.152 to 0.158. Items recovered from Cook's truck include, among other things, a wine bottle opener and two red solo cups.

Cook, according to the Associated Press, was cited and released. In a statement, State House Speaker-elect Rusty Bowers commented on Cook's arrest.

"The Arizona Department of Public Safety informed me today that Representative David Cook was arrested last night for driving under the influence. I'm disappointed and saddened by Representative Cook for failing to meet the standard expected of all Arizonans, much less an elected official. When I've had an opportunity to learn all the facts and speak with Representative Cook and my colleagues about it, I will announce action the House will take against Representative Cook."

On his unverified Facebook page, Cook also issued a statement.

This is not the first time an Arizona lawmaker had a publicized run-in with the law in 2018. In July, video obtained by radio station KLPZ and published on shows State Rep. Paul Mosley bragging about driving as fast as 130 or 140 mph (210 or 225 kph). At the time, Mosley was pulled over for driving 97 mph (156 kph) in a 55 mph (88 kph) zone on State Route 95.

Mosley would go on lose a GOP primary race before the November statewide elections.