State-run COVID-19 vaccine site at Gila River Arena closing

The last state-run COVID-19 vaccination site at Gila River Arena is closing on Monday.

Chris Burbach went to the arena to get his two oldest sons vaccinated.

"I found these sites to be a lot easier because you know where you are going to get your appointments to get in and out."

June 28 was the last day for people to get a shot in Glendale because Dr. Cara Christ says the demand isn't there anymore.

"We have seen decreased traffic so we think it's time to shift our strategy into the community."

Right now, 49.3% of Arizonans have received one dose and 40% have both. Both of those numbers are still a ways away from the state's goal of reaching 70% for herd immunity by July 4.

"I don't think the state did anything wrong. The state was very aggressive giving it to people for free. I think a lot of it has to do with changing attitudes and mentality," said Dr. Frank Lovecchio with Valleywise Health.

Dr. Lovecchio says while he has seen great improvements in his unit when it comes to COVID patients, attributing it to the vaccine, but he added that more needs to be done to reach herd immunity.

"It is difficult for me as a clinician because I think I would see less COVID patients if more us were immunized. When we hit this magic number of 70% it doesn't mean COVID is going to go away, it just means that it's less likely to spread from one person to another.

Dr. Christ says now that these large vaccination sites will be closing, there will be a bigger push for pop-up vaccine opportunities from schools to community events.

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