Stolen guitar that contains man's ashes returned to owner

>>UPDATE: We've learned that Cody got his guitar back! He tells us someone left it on his doorstep the morning after our story aired.

PHOENIX (FOX 10) -- A Phoenix man is asking whoever broke into his home last night to bring back a priceless item that was stolen. That item was a guitar that held his late brother's ashes.

This victim is a musician, and so was his brother, who passed away in 2016. They always played guitar together, so when he passed, he wanted to keep playing guitar with his brother. That was the reason why Cody Mason made a guitar to hold his brothers ashes.

"When we eventually lost him, I couldn't play music with him anymore, and that was one of the most heartbreaking parts when it comes down to it," said Mason. "The idea came to me one day that 'hey, you can build a guitar and put his ashes in that.'"

It was that priceless guitar that was stolen from Mason's home last night.

"Drawers pulled out of every dresser and turned upside down, and mattresses slid to the side," said Mason.

After walking through his home, located near 40th Street and Southern, Mason knew he'd been burglarized. Several things were stolen, including the that special guitar, among others. That special guitar had a special spot for Mason's brothers ashes carved out, finishing it with a plaque.

"The beautiful copper plaque I made and engraved that reads, 'James Dylan Mason: forever rockin'' and it was my sentiment to him."

Although Mason would like everything back that was stolen, the only thing that truly matters is the special guitar.

"If nothing else came back and that guitar showed up on my doorstep, I wouldn't hold a grudge," said Mason, who is desperately hoping this happens.

"It almost feels like losing my brother again," said Mason.

The guitars that were stolen have serial numbers on them, including the custom one containing Mason's brother's ashes. Meanwhile, Mason has given all of this information to police. Anyone with information should call police.