Storm: flooding in Phoenix Herpetological Society

North Scottsdale was hit hard Friday morning. Rushing rain inundated roadways turning dry washes into raging rivers.

The storm also causing big problems at the Phoenix Herpetological Society.

"We've lived here for 20 years and never like this," said local resident Mark Smersky.

At the bridge on Pinnacle Peak Road just east of Scottsdale Road, the roaring flood waters drew a crowd.

"I haven't seen this for what probably five years but at least the water isn't in our backyard," said local resident, Cindy Stevens.

A few of the rain gauges in the area measured well over two inches of rainfall today.

"At our house it probably roamed solid from 6:30 to 10," said Smersky.

Some spots couldn't escape the flood.

At the Phoenix Herpetological Society, staff scrambled to save African Sulcata tortioses. They like to borough underground, but in a flash flood they can easily drown. So as the muddy floodwaters moved in, staffers started digging.

"That's part of the fun of working with these animals, when the rain starts you jump out there in the mud and start digging up holes and pulling guys out," said Aaron Joyner of the Phoenix Herpetological Society.

When the waters receded there was not much of the tortoises underground homes.

"All of the guys today we were able to pull out before any collapses happened on top of them that is always our concern that is the rain starts coming through and we see them as a possibility of a collapse we want to get them out first," said Joyner.

"This rain subsides and we get heat later on this week. They are going to push this dirt around and dig holes all over again."

With the storm gone the clean-up begins from the strongest monsoon storm to hit this area so far this season.