Teachers and students walk out of Maricopa school

A Valley charter school is in turmoil after a couple of administrators were let go, and the reason is unclear. The news is upsetting the teachers, some who decided to walk off the job in protest. What happens on Wednesday is completely up in the air.

It happened at Sequoia Pathway High School in Maricopa, and the teachers are not the only ones upset, the students and their parents are too.

Many students say they will not go to classes, and at least one teacher already gave his resignation. It was so chaotic on campus that Maricopa Police were called to keep the peace.

Outraged parents confronted the CEO of the school after they say, two popular administrators, Diane Silvia and Nate Lamma were forced to resign.

"I want some answers, I want some answers as to why they were fired," said one parent.

Students staged a walk out in protest.

"To me, I see them as like role models, and they are like my family, and they took away my family from me," said Jessie Estrada.

Michelle Reiher's son Chase is in his senior year at the school.

"This is his home away from home, this is how all the kids feel," said Michelle Reiher.

One teacher who asked not to be identified said he resigned after learning the administrators are out.

"They created a situation here that didn't need to happen, they caused a bonfire here that didn't need to happen," said the teacher.

The close-knit community is now fractured, as more parents vow to pull their kids from the school.

FOX 10 reached out to the CEO of the school; he has not replied to our request for comment. Students plan to protest at the school Wednesday morning. Parents plan to meet Thursday at 6 p.m. to figure out their next steps.