Tempe Police show video of fatally shot teen possessing fake gun

TEMPE, Ariz. (AP) -- Officials with Tempe Police are seeking to dispel rumors that officers planted a replica handgun on the body of a 14-year-old boy after he was fatally shot by an officer.

On Wednesday, officials showed reporters new body camera footage showing an orange-tipped fake gun underneath the teen's arm as an officer approached him after he was shot. The police effort comes after the owner of a truck the teen was in before being shot initially claimed no weapons were stolen. He later said he wasn't sure whether guns were taken.

The video, which was not released publicly, shows a replica gun under Antonio Arce's bicep. Officer Joseph Jaen fatally shot Arce on Jan. 15. The boy was running away when Jaen fired two shots, striking him once.

Statement from Tempe Mayor Mark Mitchell
"Everything I have witnessed demonstrates that the Tempe Police Department has been transparent and honest in the days since the tragic death of Antonio Arce. In my view, they appropriately released body camera footage quickly, within days of the incident. What Tempe Police offered today was another measure of transparency, by showing media the entire rest of the video, in order to help reporters accurately report the details of this incident. I understand that some members of the media take issue with not being able to record the video, but I support today's decision.

We should keep in mind that the remainder of the video shows the last moments of a young person's life and that it is graphic and disturbing in nature. As Mayor, I cannot legally intervene into active investigations or decide when or if evidence becomes publicly available. To continue the commitment to transparency, I will support the release of information when and if it is appropriate.

We should continue to focus our thoughts on the Arce family as they grieve Antonio's loss and continue to withhold our judgment until investigations are concluded. I have faith in the diligent work of the Tempe Police Department in investigating this incident thoroughly, rapidly and openly."