Tempe tests 'all-pedestrian' crosswalk pilot program

A pilot program for pedestrians is now underway at the intersection of 5th Street and Mill Avenue in Tempe.

The "all-pedestrian" crosswalk allows people to cross the street in any direction, including diagonally.

It's meant to improve traffic flow and increase pedestrian safety in busy areas.

The program will be in place for the next four weeks. If successful, the city could make it a permanent feature.

A tweet by the city stated, "The Fifth and Mill intersection is changing how vehicles and pedestrians move. Beginning today, we are implementing an 'all-pedestrian' phase that allows you to cross diagonally on the walk signal."

Map of the area:

Tempe's rules for using the all-pedestrian crosswalk:

  • Pedestrians are able to cross in any direction, including diagonally. During this phase, all vehicular traffic will be stopped, including all right-hand turn movements.
  • Conversely, while vehicles are moving through the intersection, pedestrian crossings will not be permitted. To help simplify the process, right hand turns on red will not be allowed during the pilot period.
  • Cyclists must dismount their bicycles to use the crosswalk. If they do not dismount, they are considered a vehicle and will need to follow all traffic laws, including stopping during the pedestrian crossing phase.