'That Sewing Place' opens in Queen Creek, teaching adults and children a useful trade

Sewing may be a lost skill nowadays as it was once taught in school, but for those who never learned, a teacher in Queen Creek is ready to bridge the gap.

How? She opened a sewing school in February and classes are already being booked up.

Tori Spencer opened That Sewing Place and says, "I have 40 students, but I had to add two adult classes and I’m starting another one in a few weeks because I have such a demand."

Spencer, a master sewer, wanted to help people of all skill levels to sharpen their sewing skills.

"At first I thought it was going to be a school for kids. Well, I was used to teaching kids. I taught several at my house for a summer camp. That was my vision. It was going to be more kids, but it’s turned out that I have more adult students now than kids," Spencer said.

Students will take a 10-week course, learning all things sewing. From how to use the machine to what type of thread to use.

Students will learn how to do more creative things, but most importantly, skills that can be used every day.

"We teach everything just from the beginning. A lot of it is what type of stitch am I supposed to use in order to fix this hem or how do I sew a seam so that it doesn’t show or how do I sew a button on that’s fallen off or that’s gotten loose. Why should I throw that skirt out when all that’s wrong with it is that little hem that I can fix," Spencer explained.

Whether you're a beginner or a more experienced sewer like Sue Coles, there's always room for learning.

"She knows things that I don’t know. So she’s taught me how to graph out a pattern or be able to look at something and be able to make a pattern, which is not my skill at all," Cole said.

For more information on classes, visit this link https://www.thatsewingplaceaz.com/