The side effects of Pokemon Go

Police have issued a warning to Pokemon Go users. Officers say people have been wandering into other people's back yards and driveways. Authorities have gotten calls from residents about possible burglars or other strangers in their neighborhood.

So far there have been no reports of arrests or assaults on trespassers playing the game. But three players did get locked inside a Scranton, Pa. cemetery.

With all of the warnings about the game, there are some positives. Could it be good for families, your health?

Pokemon Go has gone and done something that has shocked these two moms.

"This is something we really need right now," said Danielle Gregorich.

Gregorich and her children, and Gerrish and her three sons, say they are bonding with their sons and the glue is Pokemon Go. It allows them to join millions of others as they chase and catch the characters all over their neighborhoods.

"They were everywhere, I guess you can lure them to come, and they just run around, and find them and catch them," said Gregorich.

Also smiling over the phenomenon, Dr. Natasha Bhuyan.

"It's a happy accident, so it's kind of these unintended benefits for both health and mental health," said Dr. Natasha Bhuyan.

Bhuyan says she's seeing patients who are inactive up and moving as they pursue Pokemon characters. It's good on a few levels.

"It's not just when you're exercising, but afterwards your mood is improved. We found exercise could decrease rates of anxiety and depression," said Dr. Bhuyan.

These moms say it's improved their summer with their kids.

"On social media and all the tragedy that's going on, and this came on, and it's light and free. It gets me back with my kids hanging out and away from the computer," said Gregorich.

Both moms worry about safety, but of course, they don't want their kids to be lured into a dangerous situation. That's why they say they are with them and constantly warn them about being safe as they play this game.