'There was no question': Man's wife of 50 years donates kidney to save his life

This is a story of true love on this Valentine's Day: A wife donates a kidney to her husband of 50 years.

Wilson Dahozey and his wife Carol have been married for five decades after they met at such a young age. They went through all the phases of life together, but when Wilson became ill a few years ago, their bond grew even stronger.

"I was willing to do anything to feel better and cope better," he said. His wife lovingly replied, "For me, it was automatic. There was no question if he needs a kidney and I would be able to donate, there was no question."

At first, Wilson was reluctant for Carol to give up her kidney. But in the state of Arizona, waiting on a kidney could take 3 to 5 years. So they considered a living donation, and Carol ended up being a match.

They both underwent the surgeries at St. Joseph's Norton Thoracic Institute, coming out healthier than ever.

Now Wilson says he wants to fight even harder to be with Carol knowing everything she has given up for him. "If the person you love and you have known all your life does that for you, you are going to hang on for dear life through everything," he said.