Trial over Christine Mustafa's murder continues Monday

PHOENIX (FOX 10) -- It's been nearly two years since Christine Mustafa went missing, and on Monday, her ex-boyfriend, Robert Interval, was back in court for her murder trial.

A week after Mustafa went missing, police identified Interval as a suspect. Mustafa's body has not been found, but prosecutors say there is plenty of evidence that Interval killed her, relying on circumstantial evidence.

On Monday, however, there was a problem with a juror.

"I'm also sensitive to either parties belief about whether this will be a good or bad juror," said the presiding judge. A juror fell ill during the lunch break, and lawyers from both sides had to make sure he could continue.

"I do have a concern, primarily, for your health," said the judge. "Just to make sure this is benign or not something more serious."

Today's focus in the trial was the investigation from Phoenix Police. Detectives noticed scratch marks that could be defense wounds in a struggle with Mustafa, five days after she was reported missing. However, they also testified that they tallied more than 1,100 text messages between the two, up until she vanished. On Mustafa's recovered cell phone, they noticed plenty of pictures of a loving mother.

Mustafa has not been seen since May 10, 2017, when she left her work at Walgreens. She was reported missing when she didn't show up for her shift the following day. Police say her Social Security card and cell phone were found in his home.