TSA finding record amount of banned items, weapons in carry-on bags

Air travel is picking up once again, and for many at the Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport, this is their first trip since the COVID-19 pandemic began in 2020.

"Last year, we couldn't go anywhere, and now, it’s nice we can travel said Juan Rios.

According to officials with the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), up to 70,000 people would be traveling at the height of the pandemic. Now, the country is getting close to hit the 2 million traveller mark. While it’s a good indicator of people feeling more comfortable to hit the skies again, it is also creating some problems.

"We are seeing a lot of people not in the routine anymore, and they are forgetting what's in their carry on," said Patricia Mancha with the TSA.

TSA officials say they are finding a record amount of prohibited items in travellers' carry-on bags. The items they are forgetting are considered serious weapons, from brass knuckles to knives, stun guns, and even magazines...

"The number one thing we hear from travellers if you find a prohibited item is 'I forgot it was in my bag,' or 'it's not my bag,'" said Mancha.

Now, TSA is reminding travellers to check their bags, or they will be forced to abandon their banned possessions, and could even face serious fines.

TSA officials says a good rule if thumb to go by os if something can be weaponized, it will not be allowed in a carry-on.

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