Two golfers attacked by bees at North Phoenix golf course

A bee attack at a North Phoenix golf course sends two golfers to the hospital. Phoenix Fire responded to the scene and the men who were stung are now stable.

Golfers saw hundreds, maybe thousands of bees swarm the men, stinging them several times. The course had to bring in a beekeeper to handle the hive. It all started at the sixth hole.

What began as a peaceful morning on the golf course ended with two men in the hospital.

"They were pulling up for their second shot, so I wasn't quite with him [when] they came up and said, 'Call 911,'" said Gary Wolf.

Witnesses say out of nowhere, a swarm of bees didn't let up on two golfers near hole six stinging them in the face, ears, and legs.

"Somehow, they hit a beehive out there and they were just all over [one of the guys]," Wolf said. "The other guy pulled him out of there — his face was just covered with bee stings."

Wolf says one of the men stung is about 80-years-old.

"He had 20 or 30 [bee stings] in his ear," Wolf said.

Fire officials say the men are stable and medics took them to the hospital for precautionary reasons. The golf course staff brought in a private beekeeper to properly remove the bees. Witnesses say the bees did major damage.

"His club and hat are still out there," Wolf said. "And the hat is just coated with stingers sitting in it," Wolf said.

The two men who were stung are being treated at Honor Health Hospital but according to officials should be okay.