Utah woman goes viral after bizarre boat crash

"Day in the life of recovering from being hit by a boat. Let's do this."

A day in the life of McKenzey Hunt looks a lot different now than it did before the accident.

"Not being able to sit or put any weight on my butt has been a new adjustment," she said. "

"It's not easy for her to go to the car, so sometimes like getting like pumpkin drinks at Starbucks, I think Kenzey would normally be here with me," said her sister, Sydney.

McKenzey was tubing with friends in South Carolina when she was hit by the boat pulling the tube she was on.

"The guy turns around and makes a U-turn that was a little too sharp, and I'm left dragging behind, and he hits me head on, I go under the boat, get caught in the pro," said McKenzey.

Sydney added, "So I jumped in the water to get her and put my hands underneath her body to get her out of the water and I felt it all, all of her wounds and that put me into shock."

After spending nine days in a South Carolina hospital, McKenzey was flown to a hospital in Utah. Now she's back home in Lehi recovering.

"I have a broken ankle, two lacerations on my foot. I broke my pelvis, and then I have five or six deep lacerations all over the butt area, it kind of got torn up, but luckily it's all put together, but I had some muscles that were completely cut off."

"My biggest worry at first is I will be so sad if Kenzey's not the same person she used to be, so far she's still super funny," said Sydney.

Instead of just sending recovery updates to McKenzey's family and friends, Sydney has been updating millions of people from all over the world.

"When it started blowing up on TikTok, we were like, wow, this is crazy."

"It's traumatic and people are interested in the story of it and what happened, but now that people know the story, they're just interested in her and her well-being," said Sydney.

McKenzey says people have reached out to her with similar stories, and "they're like, if you need anything, let me know. People have sent me stuff."

McKenzey still has a long journey ahead, but she has a new puppy by her side to help make the positive recovery she's aimed for easier.

"Obviously my injuries are hard and it sucks to go through this, but for what happened getting hit head on caught in a prop i could not be more grateful or lucky that I'm alive"