Valley 4th grader gets big surprise from Amazon at school

PHOENIX (FOX 10) - When Miss Hartman's fourth-grade class was assigned to write to a business they admire, student Emilee Haupt knew right away where her letter would go -- Amazon.

"I was shopping from Amazon first and when I discovered, I'm like 'wow, this place has everything,'" she said.

But what she didn't know is if and how the company would respond.

Lisa Guinn, a spokesperson for Amazon, says the online retail giant receives thousands of letters, but there was something about Emily's that made it stand out from the rest.

"It really touched us in a great way and we thought we would come out and thank Emilee in person for writing us," Guinn said.

That's when something amazing happened -- Emilee walked into school to a huge surprise.

"I ran over to mom and I'm like 'why are you here' and she said 'you'll see' and then the Amazon people just came in I'm like 'wow what!'" she said.

Amazon, along with her family members, surprised Emilee and her classmates with a visit and an invitation to check out an Amazon fulfillment center.

"The kids could not contain themselves," Danielle Hartman said. "They brought sunglasses, stickers, told us all about the fulfillment center, how it works, the jobs the kids could have, so it was really cool to see someone from the community take the time to recognize our kids' efforts."