Valley auction house boasts historical treasures

J. Levine in Scottsdale holds auctions once a month and this weekend their big ticket item is a 1964 Gibson guitar that belonged to Eric Clapton.

"The coolest thing in this auction is Eric Clapton's ES345 guitar," Josh said.

Josh says what makes this guitar even cooler is the other set of hands it rested in besides Eric Clapton's.

"We know that he traded guitars with George Harrison... his lifelong roadie believes it to be George's as well," he said.

If you're in the market for a little hardware, they've got that too!

"This is the 1957 World Series ring... we also have his 1961 World Series ring," Josh said.

Whether it be something to admire or play, Josh says the most amazing thing is that the majority of the items for auction are from around the Valley.

"It's transient come and go, but when they move here and they retire they bring the best of the best with them... it's here, it's here in the Valley and that's so exciting!"