Valley charity helps family by furnishing their new home

PHOENIX (FOX 10) -- A Valley charity reaches a landmark, having provided furniture to 500 families who have been working to get out of poverty.

Furnishing Dignity is a local non-profit, and on Thursday, the group helped turn an empty house into a home for a grateful family.

Shyanne Bailey and her husband are doing their best to raise their two kids in a happy home, but it hasn't been easy.

"We've had a rough past couple of years and everything. To be honest, we haven't had an actual bed in about a year," said Bailey.

That changed Thursday, when Bailey and her family moved into their own home, with their own beds, thanks to Furnishing Dignity. The non-profit started with Joyce Petrowski and Anita Buckel. The two friends saw a special need, and stepped in with furniture, as it's what makes a house feel like home.

"We reached out to family and friends and said we're not asking you to buy anything new, but if you've got stuff you want to get rid of, we'll come pick it up," said Petrowski.

The group has helped about 1,400 people since they started five years ago. Bailey's family is the latest family to benefit from the generosity.

"They told me they had tried to stay together as a family, had worked through joblessness," said Buckel.

"They did a walkthrough and asked us what we needed," said Bailey.

Petrowski and Buckel are full-time, unpaid volunteers, but they say they don't want any money, as giving these families a fresh start and a proper place to sleep is payment enough.

"There have been times when we're picking up furniture in 115 degrees (~46.1°C), and we sit there and wonder why are we doing this?" said Petrowski. "And then we go and do a move and say, OK, we got it. We're doing this."

"It means a lot for us to have all these new things, to make our new home feel like home," said Bailey.

"We're so glad to be able to help," said Buckel.

The group is always looking for more donations, both financial and furniture. People can also donate their time by becoming a volunteer.

Furnishing Dignity