Valley family honors organ donor daughter at Fiesta Bowl

PHOENIX (KSAZ) - One Valley family says they have been given a new meaning to life after their daughter decided to become an organ donor before she passed away.

On Saturday, members of the Moreno family walked in the Fiesta Bowl Parade with Donate Life Arizona to honor her.

It was almost two years since the Morenos lost their daughter Mikaela, lovingly known as "Paloma."

Although heartbroken over the death of their daughter, Jesus and Myra Moreno said they chose to focus on the gifts Mikaela left for four recipients - another chance at life.

"So we've been following her journey along with Donate Life in Arizona," said Jesus Moreno. "They've actually carried us all these last 2 years, and actually given us that support that we need emotionally and physically."

The parents carried a photo of their daughter during the parade hoping to continue to spread the message of Donate Life Arizona.