Valley girl scout helps homeless pets

PHOENIX (FOX 10) - A Valley girl scout is earning her gold award one bag of dog food at a time. Jacey's Gold Project has grown into something no one could have imagined.

"Aris Foundation is a one hundred percent volunteer organization, we're grassroots and we take care of the homeless adult population in Tempe," said Katherine Kouvelas-Edick.

Katherine Kouvelas-Edick started running the Aris Foundation three years ago. It wasn't until recently that 15-year-old Jacey Salisbury started volunteering.

"She was looking for a project and she wasn't quite sure what she wanted to do, she knew she wanted to do something with the homeless," said Kouvelas-Edick.

"I saw that the humans are being taken care of with their hygiene packs and their snack packs just things like that, I wanted to help the animals," said Jacey Salisbury.

Jacey started focusing her efforts on the pets that belong to the homeless people the foundation assists, mostly dogs, that she says also need comfort, care, and little extra love.

So Jacey started collecting bags of dog food. She got help from True Home Maintenance Air Conditioning and Heating.

"What we're doing for the Spring is when you're calling us to schedule tune-ups, instead of paying us cash, if you donate a 35 pound or more bag of dog food, that's your form of payment," said the owners of True Home Maintenance Air Conditioning and Heating.

"These are like their kids out here so to be able to give them that develops a connection and they trust us because we take care of their kids and it's been amazing," said Kouvelas-Edick.

Katherine says thanks to Jacey. Hundreds of pets have received food, and Jacey says she doesn't plan to stop any time soon.

"The people say they won't go into housing because their animals don't have vaccinations so that housing won't allow them to go in and the thing is I'm also going to get a vet in to come over here and give vaccinations to them and give them a little card so that it's proven they got a vaccinations," says Jacey.

Jacey is looking for some vets to volunteer and help administer the vaccinations.