Valley Girl Scouts pick up cookies for delivery

People with a sweet tooth across America, rejoice! Those who have new year's resolutions? Buckle down!

It's Girl Scout cookie season.

Troupes across the valley loaded up cars and trailers Saturday with thousands and thousands of boxes of cookies.

If you're craving a sleeve of thin mints, don't worry supplies are on their way. 

"We are moving over 2 million packages of cookies," said Czerina Harvey with Girl Scouts Arizona Cactus Pine Council. 

Girl Scouts across the Valley loaded up boxes of the good stuff on Saturday and will bring it back to their troupes. Soon they'll be yours. 

"On Monday is when they'll be out in the neighborhoods, out front of the stores ready to sell," said Harvey. "It's like Girl Scout magic right now, they're excited to have them in their hands."

DeMarie Wadsworth says it's a lot more than selling cookies. 

"It teaches us how to be successful in life and how to go camping and build a fire and just have fun," said DeMarie Wadsworth.

Parents agreed. It may just be a box of cookies to us, but to the girls, it's a lot more substantial. 

"What do they learn you think by doing this? A lot of communication skills and presentation skills, money management, organization planning, it's invaluable everything that they learn," said Erin Masing from Ahwatukee.

There's a new cookie available this year, it's called a lemon-ups - but thin mints are still the Girl Scouts best seller.