Valley man to auction off prized Michael Jackson memorabilia

Growing up, Arthur Phoenix was fascinated by the Jackson family.

"1969... I'm sitting in front of those old floor model TV's and there it was, 'The Dave Sullivan's show,' and when I laid eyes on Micheal Jackson and the Jackson Five, I said, 'that's my dream, I want to be just like him,'" he said.

Then he got the opportunity of a lifetime. Arthur found himself working for the Jackson family and working right alongside a man he'd admired all his life, the "King of Pop."

Having worked as teh Jackson family's estate publicist and personal manager to Tito Jackson, he's now auctioning off some items he's collected in past years, so die-hard Jackson fans can get a taste of the experience he once had.

"A fan that gets these is a fan that never had the chance to meet Micheal, to even speak with Micheal, and this would bring them closer to Micheal by helping them to get to know who Micheal really was," Phoenix said.

On Wednesday, Arthur will auction Jackson family memorabilia, including hit items like autographed albums of "Thriller," "Off the Wall," and "ABC."

Even some more unique items will be up for auction.

"This was done at a private party after the world's famous "Victory Tour" in 1984," he said.

Arthur says with the proceeds, he plans to give back to charities for children.

"Mike was kind of sweet, gentle, and he's a giving human being that loves to give and he's full of joy," he said.

Because that is what Michael would have done.