Valley nursery explains how residents can protect trees during monsoon winds

Monsoon storms that have rolled through the Valley are leaving their mark and one of the biggest targets are trees.

After getting fallen trees removed from yards, many are now busy replacing them.

With the busy monsoon season, sites of downed trees are becoming pretty common throughout the Valley. 

Moon Valley Nursery says there are a few things you can do to help prevent downed trees from happening.

"We’ve been non-stop busy this whole season," says Ryan Wichmann with the nursery. They're doing their best to keep up with the demand for replacement trees and plants.

Across the Valley, downed trees line neighborhood streets as monsoon moisture continues to build and produce damaging wind and rain.

Megan Burr lives in Gilbert and says, "There’s been so many palo verde trees that have been uprooted and they have to chop them all down. I feel like half of our neighborhood is missing their trees."

Many customers are coming into the nursery looking to put their landscape back together after a particularly destructive monsoon season.

"We used to have a banana tree and that got totally destroyed. The leaves are so big and the wind came through and sliced it up basically," Burr said.

Wichman with the nursery says a lot of the damage they've seen is preventable. He says the biggest thing homeowners can do is prune their trees and do deep root watering.

"When we’re getting 80 mile an hour winds, that canopy is like an umbrella. It catches them and that’s what really pulls down a lot of these bigger trees. What we recommend is having a professional come to your house. They’ll be able to structurally prune your tree the right way and make sure we aren’t damaging it long term and we’re opening it up for that wind to pass through and not pull that tree down to the ground," he explained.

He says shallow root systems are often to blame for downed trees since they don't hold their ground well.

Once a tree is uprooted, there's typically not much you can do to save it. Moon Valley Nursery always has nursery professionals to help you keep your trees in the ground.

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