Valley organization gives back to motorcycle accident victims

PHOENIX (FOX 10) - Just in the past few months, we've reported several motorcycle crashes, and sadly, fatalities. One organization wants to help riders in the event of an accident.

The biking community is a tight-knit community says Michelle Osborn, who is the President of Biker Down Arizona.

"I've seen a lot of my friends get injured and lose everything that they have," said Osborn.

That's why she says they look out for one another. Biker Down Arizona is a non-profit that helps injured motorcycle riders and their families.

"The organization was founded because there were motorcyclists that were getting hurt out there, injured and killed and there wasn't really an organization that helped those people," explained Osborn.

The organization provides financial help, legal help, if need be, or medical equipment. She says sadly, their services are needed all too often and is asking everyone to be more alert when driving.

"We enjoy riding our motorcycles and we feel it's fair to share the road," said Osborn.

For more information on Biker Down Arizona, visit their website here.