Valley teen created business to raise money for local animal shelter

PHOENIX (FOX 10) - In this week's Community Cares, a Valley teen is going above and beyond running a business, not for profit but so that she can make money for shelter pets.

"I have two dogs one rescue and then I have bunnies and hamsters and a tortoise," said Lola Johnson.

Lola Johnson loves animals so much that she has made it her life's work, and she's only 15.

"I started the company in September of last year after I got my rescue dog Stella and I wanted to figure out a way to raise money for other rescues," said Lola.

Lola designs and sells hats, shirts, even cell phone cases on

"All of the designs are custom to look like your dog with words that describe your dog or cat so for example here's a small shirt of a Rottweiler, they take all of the words that go into it that make up their pet," explained Lola.

"I'm proud beyond measure because she gets great grades, she started her own business and is CEO of her own business, she creates all the products herself, she built her own website," said Lola's mom.

A portion of the proceeds is donated to Foothills Animal Rescue. Lola has been bringing a donation and volunteering for the past year.

"She's here all the time, every time she comes in she's very unassuming, and she's bringing us money," said a person with the shelter.

"I try to come here like once a week and then bring my donation and pet the dogs and the cats and hang out with them," says Lola.