Valley woman named "Hunger Hero"

A Valley woman honored as a hunger hero as she battles caring for her family of six.

St. Mary's Food Bank helps thousands of families in Arizona, now one of those families is being honored for giving of themselves.

She was named one of Ten Hunger Ends Here Heroes around the nation because of her positive attitude during tough times.

On Jennifer's behalf, a $10,000 check was presented to St. Mary's Food Bank.

"Never expected anything like that, and I'm pretty sure I know how I got that when I see homeless people on the streets, I give them food or water, and especially if they have kids with them I can't stand seeing that," said Jennifer White.

"They work very hard, but they have low paying jobs, Jennifer works in fast food, has two different jobs, both in fast food. Her husband works in a convenience store, and it's just hard, it's hard for people nowadays they're struggling," said Lisa Goin.

The money will go to the food bank, and now the organization is working to help Jennifer and her family.

"She's got herself, her hubby, four kids, her sister and their kids, in a duplex with two bedrooms, eight people. Their needs are great beds, clothes, so we're going to some of our partners to see if someone can help her family out with some of these things," said Goin.

The group is helping a woman with a mission to help others.