Valley woman reunited with her birth mother

An Ahwatukee woman has been reunited with her birth mother after an extensive search.

She didn't find out she was adopted until after the death of her adoptive mother.

Ellen Parker grew up in New York with two loving parents. At her mom's funeral, she received some shocking news.

"One of the neighbors had mentioned that I was adopted, and honestly, I didn't even believe her," said Ellen Parker.

Ellen spent years tracking down her birth mother, Audrey Nichols. The two shared their first call 9-years-ago.

"When she called I tell ya, I just don't know how to tell ya, I could cry now thinking about it. To tell you the truth it was really amazing," said Nichols.

Audrey left her home in West Palm Beach and flew to Sky Harbor, her reunion with Ellen was 55-years overdue.

"I kinda just stared at her a lot from when she got off the plane, and of course, I was driving so when we got back I just kind of stared at her a lot," she said.

Both look alike but they also love sushi, and they've also decorated their houses with Native American art work.

"I'm just happy and grateful to God for uh, I can't thank him enough for leading me back to her," said Audrey Nichols.