Valley women sending warmth to soldiers by knitting caps

Being away from home is never easy especially for service men and women, and one valley group is making it their mission to keep the troops overseas as comfortable as possible.

While this group isn't your average sewing circle they do manage to have a little fun.

"A lot of ladies knit at home, watching Channel 10 of course!" said Marlys Anderson.

These gals, however, are on a mission. It all started in 2008, when Marlys sent her grandson a knitted cap to keep him warm, while he was stationed in South Korea. Shortly after, her grandson asked if she could send a few more for his buddies.

By "a few", the grandson meant 35. So Marlys enlisted the help of her friends.

"I just was overwhelmed at all the response, the donations and all the ladies wanting to help, so we made the 35, plus 10 years later, we're at 17,550," said Marlys.

With that, "Caps for Soldiers" was born. The caps, made with 100% wool, help keep cool in the summer, and warm in the winter.

The caps have also preformed miracles, like when one solider decided to wear two hats under his helmet.

"The second hat saved him from getting hit," said one of the ladies. "It raised his helmet up enough to avoid getting hit in the head."

As time goes on, the circle continues to grow, partly thanks to the crowd that the Arizona weather draws in.