V's Barbershop celebrates its 25th anniversary in the Valley

This year, a local barbershop is celebrating its 25th anniversary. With Father’s Day coming up in a few weeks, it’s the perfect time to tell this story. 

Jim Valenzuela opened V’s Barbershop in 1999 in the Arcadia neighborhood.

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When you step inside the barbershop, it’s always buzzing.

More than just a barbershop

A fresh cut and conversation are guaranteed, and a number of generations are all in one place.

"I’m pretty proud of the culture we’ve built here throughout the whole platform," Valenzuela said. "It’s the key to our success."

In 1999, the founder and CEO opened because he felt like men and their sons needed an upgrade when getting a cut and shave.

"It started as a very naïve effort," Valenzuela said. "I’m not a barber. I simply wanted to go to a barbershop, well done barbershop with my son who’s now 30. He was 5 at the time. I looked around the country and couldn’t find what I was looking for."

The original location in Arcadia at 48th Street and Indian School Rd had the big tube TV's when it opened.

Those have been changed out for flat screens, but the concept has remained the same.

"The renaissance of the barbershop business began right here in 1999," Valenzuela said. "This was a first of its kind and it garnered national exposure. Both coasts came in here and said, ‘what is this?’ Because things that are normally new to the market don’t start in Phoenix, Arizona."

Where did Jim get his business acumen? 

Valenzuela says he learned everything about running a business from his father, Al Valenzuela. Al was famous for his commercials in Tucson and the good food that was served at Gordo’s.

Valenzuela says in the beginning he was worried.

"I’d look back every night at this cool little barbershop and say it’s going to make it," Valenzuela said. "It’s just too good of an idea to miss. But it was scary."

Today as more locations have opened, Valenzuela says he has no plans of slowing down.

"I’ve seen kids grow up, I’ve seen kids come in for first haircut and then go away to college 18 years later," Valenzuela said. "It’s been everything I’ve hoped it would be, has come true. And I honestly think our best days are ahead of us."

Today there are 60 shops in 20 different states.