'Wallace and Ladmo' memorial bench coming to Phoenix Zoo

PHOENIX (KSAZ) - Stars of the Valley and hosts of a legendary children's show, "Wallace and Ladmo" were honored today at the Phoenix Zoo.

A memorial bronze bench will be coming to the zoo this fall in memory of the hit show and the lovable characters the Valley loved so much.

"I think a lot of people are going to see this sculpture and see something they can reminisce on, and Arizona has had a great love for 'Wallace and Ladmo' and to have it here at the zoo is just a nice added feature," said Bert Castro of the Phoenix Zoo.

The show did special segments with the zoo for years.

"They're iconic and the zoo is iconic and the zoo has had such a long history with 'Wallace and Ladmo Show,'" Castro said. "[We] just thought it was a perfect match."

One of those icons was in attendance at today's celebration -- Pat McMahon, also known as "Gerald."

"To be not only on a show like that with that kind of entertainment history with all those laughs, and then to be here for the rest of everybody's lives at the Phoenix Zoo where kids, parents and grandparents congregate with the beasties we love so much," he said.

"Wallace and Ladmo" may not have been at today's ceremony, but family and friends say they had the best seat in the house.

"He told me statues are only good for birds to poop on them... that's what he said!" Robin Kwiatkowski said.

You can find the official "Wallace and Ladmo" Memorial Bench at the Phoenix Zoo on September 17.