Want to move to Canada? Valley realtor says he can help

During this election, we've heard many people say they'd move to Canada if Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump win.

Now a valley realtor wants to help make that possible.

In a nation divided between Trump supporters and Clinton supporters, there is one thing many Americans can agree on: they are ready for the election to be over with.

Some Americans are so fired up about this year's election that they've declared they will move to Canada if their candidate doesn't make it to the White House and that's where Phoenix-based realtor Sacha Blanchet comes into the picture.

The French-Canadian realtor sent out a tongue-in-cheek postcard that states he's willing to sell your house if you're on of those who wants to actually make the move north.

"I think marketing is all about going a little bit above what people are doing and making something different... whatever worked in real estate marketing 10 years ago doesn't necessarily work right now," he said.

Blanchet sent out about 3,000 of these mailers valley wide and although he says he hasn't seen anybody actually contact him to sell their house, because of the election, he says it is garnering lot of attention.

"The phone has been ringing and people are e-mailing me and calling me, oh my God, that made me laugh, that put a smile on my face, so it's been really great for that," he said.

Sacha Blanchet
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