Wedding Nightmare: Local bride dislocates knee during first dance with groom

A local couple is sharing their story after their wedding reception took a painful turn as they took to the dance floor for their first dance. 

After planning their dream wedding, Julie Benn and Paul Richter were forced to postpone it and make some other major adjustments due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Those challenges were nothing compared to what they would face on their wedding night. 

Julie and Paul finally tied the knot back on July 3 in Conshohocken

Their dream night quickly turned into a nightmare after Julie dislocated her knee during their first dance. 

Since then, their story has gone viral on TikTok, and was even picked up by People Magazine.

Tuesday morning, the couple appeared on Good Day Philadelphia to share their story. 

Julie and Paul said the ceremony was beautiful and everything was going off without a hitch, up until that first dance.

Bride Dislocates Knee Wedding

Julie and Paul were just minutes into their wedding reception when the painful mishap occurred.

Julie says within a few minutes of entering the reception, they moved into their first dance. At one point, Paul turns Julie and starts to dip her - that's when Julie's knee gave out.

She says she immediately knew what had happened, and told Paul, who helped support her and get her off the dance floor and into a chair. 

One of their guests, who was a doctor, was able to help her until medics could arrive and take them to a local hospital. 

Julie and Paul adamantly told their guests to stay and enjoy the reception and promised they'd be back later. They eventually made it back for the last song, after several hours in the hospital to stabilize Julie's knee. 

The couple says they have no problem looking back on that night a few weeks later and sharing a good laugh. 



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