What to do when you see a scorpion

PHOENIX (FOX 10) -- There's no doubt that monsoon storms can stir up the scorpions in people's yards and in their homes, but there are some things to know in case there's a run-in with the critters.

Just like humans, scorpions are looking for a nice, cool, and cozy spot to escape the heat.

"To us, its public enemy number one because people are really, really scared of scorpions," said Eric Sebring with Western Exterminator.

Sebring, a scorpion-seeker, is a pro, and when it comes to these creepy-crawlers, there is one people should worry about: a poisonous species known as the Arizona Bark Scorpion.

"They prefer to be in trees, which means very good climbing," said Sebring. "Up buildings, inside buildings on walls and things like that. So it's not uncommon to find them on upper floors of buildings, if there's access for them to get up there."

So. eliminate the hiding spots around a home, keep piles of brush away, and make sure the shrubs are trimmed.

"They prefer desert, sandy areas, where they can burrow into the ground and stuff like that," said Sebring.

People may have heard suggestions to trap these scorpions and put it in the freezer to kill it. Experts say that won't work.

"They've been known to be frozen for a week, two weeks at a time, and next thing you know, they fall out and scurry like nothing ever happened," said Sebring.

Flushing them down the toilet won't work either.

"These things can survive in water for one to two days without dying at all," said Sebring, who went on to say the heel of a boot is probably the best bet.

After that, people might want to leave the rest to the experts.

"Best thing you can do is try and make your house as scorpion-resistant as possible, and maybe get your local expert to come out and do something for you," said Sebring.