What will winter look like in Arizona this year?

A "triple dip La Niña" is what is predicted for this upcoming winter, which means drier conditions at a time when Arizona could use rain the most.

The Climate Prediction Center in Washington, D.C. released their Winter Outlook report for December through February on Oct. 21, and their predictions indicate that the ongoing drought in the Southwest could get worse.

"When we’re in a La Niña pattern, usually the Southwestern United States tends to have a warmer than normal, and drier than normal winter," Lojero said.

This forecast would mark the third winter of these conditions in a row. That's only happened two other times in recorded history - 1973 to 1976, and then 1998 to 2001.

"You’re continuing to accumulate rainfall deficits, it’s continuing to drop our reservoirs," Lojero said. "It is concerning, given that we are experiencing these conditions now for more than just one winter….but for several winters, so it’s more like a domino effect."

Lojero added that the drier climate can have more domino effects, including an earlier start to wildfire season in the spring.

Meanwhile, this is happening in the middle for a decades-long drought.

"If we have a drier than normal winter, basically what that means is that drought conditions will continue to persist and may worsen," Lojero explained. "[The] water supply may continue to dwindle."

Experts stress this outlook is not a guarantee, as some weather patterns beyond their ability to predict would supersede this. Still, everyone is encouraged to take plenty of water-saving measures.

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