Wildfire sweeps across California freeway, burns cars

HESPERIA, Calif. (AP) -- A fast-moving wildfire burned several cars Friday as it swept across the main freeway from Southern California to Las Vegas.

Authorities said the fire had burned at least 500 acres and embers and other burning materials appeared to cause more cars and a boat to catch on fire.

U.S. Forest Service spokesman Uriah Hernandez said no injuries had been confirmed. Some areas were evacuated in the Cajon Pass area along Interstate 15 about 55 miles northeast of Los Angeles.

The fire led authorities to shut several freeway lanes, causing traffic to back up for miles.

Several burnt-out cars sat on the highway. and other cars and trucks were at a standstill. Traffic was backed up on the freeway as a plane dumped fire retardant on the fire that swept up a hillside.

One firefighter shot water at burning cars sitting on a car-carrier on the freeway.

Helicopters tried to drop water on the burning cars as plumes of black smoke rose up.