Will the auto worker strike affect Arizonans?

With the start of a strike involving workers of the autoworker union now underway, there are questions on whether the industrial action could have an impact on Arizonans.

The length of the strike might be what determines if Arizonans will feel any impact.

On Sept. 15, we spoke with Greg Mascaro of Auto Crafters in Tempe. The business fixes cars, and they have ordered every part a person can think of. Mascaro said he thinks the business will be able to find what they need.

"There are options for a lot of everyday cars," said Mascaro.

Where the wrench in the works might come, however, is for brand new cars with new body styles, as parts for those aren't plentiful yet.

"Most of the supplies for brand-new cars being made could be interrupted," said Mascaro.

Meanwhile, Mark Hanchet with NXU (formerly known as Atlas) believes they will not be affected.

"From our standpoint, it's not going to impact us," said Hanchett.

NXU builds electric vehicle battery cells, finds energy storage solutions, and manufactures megawatt-plus charging stations. Hanchett says they do not have any contracts with the Big 3 car makers as of now, and he believes local impacts will mostly be on car lots.

"Depending on how long it goes, we may see impacts in vehicle availability, things like that, which we all can expect," said Hanchett.

Hanchett also says the EV industry in Arizona is mostly insulated from the strike.

"I think we're on our own island out here, and I think that's not a bad place to be here. There's a lot of space and opportunity out there, and I think Arizona is a very unique place, and well-positioned to be successful," said Hanchett.

Officials with other EV car makers, like ElectraMeccanica in Mesa, said there would be no immediate or direct impact on their business.